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Web Design and Development (Full Service)

Your 5 Page Web Site with E-mails, Includes your domain name and hosting for one year $1,000.  Where can you start a business for $1,000?  Charged Annually for Hosting.  Contact us Today!

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Since there is no end to technology and there is also no end to our services, we are always seeking the highest, most efficient, up to date technologies to incorporate into our webs, promotions and business tools, while trying to keep our/your costs as low as possible.  Choose a design above and let's get started!


For Authors - Professional Reviews, Editing & Publishing


We are the Authors' Advocate to GET Published!


For the next 12 Authors to contract Blue Feather Web to publish their books, One lucky winner will receive free editing... the whole process for print or for digital!  A $500 value!  Sign up now to be entered to win.  In this day and age any savings is a good savings!


This Promotion only lasts till September 1, 2011


Write to us now for more information. 


Our Usual Process.... After contacting us about your book, send it to us in ANY stage of development and in any format and we will review it.  We will then send you information needed in order to GET published.  While sending your chapters for review, be thinking about your covers and be as specific as possible.  Will you need our help? What do you envision?  Do you want, paperback or hardcover?  How many pages is your final book?  You must sign a contract with Blue Feather Web and Publishing to proceed for you.


After the editing process is done and your book has been formatted for print, or digital, we will procure your ISBN numbers for you and get your book started for the printing process.  Two separate ISBN numbers are needed for print and for digital.


We have award winning graphic artists to handle the creation of your covers.  Send us your thoughts and ideas on what you want your covers to look like and we will have them created for you!  Or you may send us covers that you have already had created.


You are allowed one proof and one editing of the proof.  When we have your accepted book printed you can order any quantity you wish for yourself.  We ship them to you as soon as your order goes through.  You will receive one proof of your book and if all is ok with no revisions, and your acceptance, we can ship any quantity to you or to any place you designate!


We do all the work for you in getting your book sold to major booksellers like Barnes and and to start!  Your book can be sold in print format or digital format or both at these sellers.


We can convert almost anything--print, text, Word, pdf's, Open Office Writer and WordPerfect files--into .mobi (Kindle) and .epub (iPad, iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader, Kobo and most smart phone reading applications). Contact us for a quote on your project.  Did you know that you can market your book in digital first?  You don't have to go to Print.  If your sales in e-book format reach a large market then you could go to print and have the book "pay for itself" so to speak.  Just ask us.


We help you with a marketing plan for your books.  Additional charges for marketing and book promotion apply!




CONTACT US TODAY to be set up with every aspect of publishing your books today!


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