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Self Publishing IS a full-time Job: 

Self-publishing, years ago, was called vanity publishing. This was because it was very expensive and people usually did this when they couldn’t find a publisher after sending hundreds of manuscripts out for their writing. In other words, no publisher thought the book would be good enough to sell. Most often, that was true.


Today, however, many people are looking at self-publishing as a first choice. It costs far less than it used to, bringing self-publishing into most people’s price range. It has two great advantages. First, you have total control of the way the book will appear. Second, you will earn more money per book sold.  But Remember, you bear the print costs and the shipping of your books. And all of the work is UP TO YOU.  Easily it can cost you $3,000 for all print costs, ISBNS, UPC Codes, Artist Costs for covers and for an approximate 200 page paperback book to SELF PUBLISH and have some stock on hand!  It's not unheard of that an average 200 page book worked on part time can take on the average 4 years from start to finish.  Can you Wait 4 years?


However, in my opinion, there are still a lot of disadvantages for self publishing for the newby writer/author. Although you will have more control, most people don’t know about things such as editing, design, pagination and layouts. Many self-published books look absolutely horrible and unprofessional.  Correct layout and pagination is imperative.  Some people still look down on self-published books. Further, when you self-publish you are also the advertiser, publicist, distributor, promoter, etc. You literally have to do several jobs with many hats on 24/7.


Remember with a self published book, YOU have to really obtain popularity and YOU must literally work on publicizing your own book every day with blogs, interviews, websites, etc. Self-publishing is full-time job and a lot of work.  Are you ready for that?  Wouldn't you like to lighten your work load?  We are here for each and every step of the way.


You want your book to be sold on Barnes and Noble and Amazon and Books A Million Don't You?  All Booksellers and all readers!  You want to be able to share it on Facebook and Twitter right? You want to be able to share it with the world!


Blue Feather Web and Publishing

WE handle all of the above headaches and each every step of the way.  We only charge for the work performed.  We are a publisher that wants you to obtain your dream of being published and then some.  Money should not matter and that is why we will work with you at each stage of publishing.  We handle the actual publishing of your book,  place it for sale on Barnes and Noble and with Amazon.  We help in promotion efforts on Facebook and on this site and for each author this is continual.  We have trusted partners to help you in every aspect of your book and marketing and promotion.   Sales depend on content, packaging and promotion.  We have you covered.


Before going on to the necessary steps below, download our FREE How to Write a Query Letter to Your Publisher here.  It will help quicken the process of your submittal.  Query Letter Set up.


Here are the Necessary Steps to Becoming Published this is YOUR Checklist.

We have been asked in the past about what our publishing protocols are and we must say, we have handled all types of book genre. We do not accept any type of immoral/sexual natured books.  WE make that distinction at the time of your submittal to us.


We can do this for your book, quite quickly.


Inspired by Bob Lep...
By Sandra Marie Hall
Did you know that the book you are about to publish is a TRADE BOOK? 


Maybe you've never wondered what people in the publishing industry call the books that you find in a bookstore or local library, but there is a term. They are called trade books and they are designed for the general consumer. Trade publishers sell their books through the channels that have been specifically established for books, they are bookstores, libraries, and wholesalers. Trade books are published for children, teenagers, and adults. They can be works of fiction or nonfiction, hardcover or paperback. Generally, trade publishing is the most high profile type of publishing as it is the most commercially focused.  Blue Feather Web and Publishing is a Trade Publisher.

Traditional Publishers

Ok, not to blow our own horns or anything, but traditional publishing or trying to find a traditional publisher is getting increasingly harder and harder in this economy.  You have to mail your manuscript to 82,000 firms and make sure that your book is the TYPE of book that they are seeking.  You have to know what each publisher is looking for to target your book to them.  Your book is like a glorified resume'.  200,000 titles are printed each year.  You are a small fish in a big sea of books.  And it gets even more difficult trying to find a publicist or a literary agent.  Let us put you in touch with our trusted book partners for every step of the way to have a successful book launch and wonderful sales. 


Some Publishing Terms

To Publish means to prepare and issue material for public distribution or sale or "to place in front of the public's eye". 


Submitting Your Query Letters!  This is Step One! 

Download your free copy here of how to submit your book to a Publisher or Agent!  Email your Query Letters and Attachments to us here! Blue Feather Web and Publishing


A Publisher:


A Traditional Publisher is the one who puts up money and the one who takes the risk.  That is why many traditional publishers do NOT accept many books and manuscripts throughout the year.


The New Publisher:


The New Publisher wears many hats indeed, they handle all of the traditional publishing tasks i.e. editing, covers, design, ISBN and UPC procurement, printing, marketing with the biggies, selling, and in addition, digitizing for I-Pad, Nook, Kindle, and all forms of digital publishing.  Web site maintenance for your author site.  Blogs, Facebook, Video and other marketing.  The new publisher is leaps and bounds above the traditional publisher as they are more flexible in the stages of publishing and less rigid than traditional publishers.


Straight to E-Book Publishing

Get Started Publishing your book as an e-book RIGHT NOW to be sold as a Kindle Book as soon as you are done!  Kindle Direct Publishing is the way to go.





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After contacting us about your book, send it to us in ANY stage of development and in any format and we will review it.  We will then send you information needed in order to GET published.  While sending your chapters for review, be thinking about your covers and be as specific as possible.  Will you need our help? What do you envision?  Do you want paperback or hardcover?  How many pages is your final book?  You must sign a contract with Blue Feather Web and Publishing to proceed for you.


After the editing process is done and your book has been formatted for print, or digital, we will procure your ISBN numbers for you and get your book started for the printing process.  Two separate ISBN numbers are needed for print and for digital.  UPC Codes must be generated for the Sales of your books in bookstores or any store.  Let Blue Feather Web Help you in the pricing of your book and the UPC code generation to be placed on your back cover.


We have award winning graphic artists to handle the creation of your covers.  Send us your thoughts and ideas on what you want your covers to look like and we will have them created for you!  Or you may send us covers that you have already had created.


You are allowed one proof and one editing of the proof.  When we have your accepted book printed you can order any quantity you wish for yourself.  We ship them to you as soon as your order goes through.  You will receive one proof of your book and if all is ok with no revisions, and your acceptance, we can ship any quantity to you or to any place you designate!


We do all the work for you in getting your book sold to major booksellers like Barnes and and to start!  Your book can be sold in print format or digital format or both at these sellers.


We can convert almost anything--print, text, Word, pdf's, Open Office Writer and WordPerfect files--into .mobi (Kindle) and .epub (iPad, iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader, Kobo and most smartphone reading applications). Contact us for a quote on your project.


We help you with a marketing plan for your books.  Additional charges for marketing and book promotion apply!


CONTACT US TODAY! for publishing questions you may have.