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Black Arabian Stallion for Stud



Sandy Hall

Blue Feather Farm  

Ormond Beach, Florida



SH Knite Dancer  

AHR #0585347

Black Arabian Stallion


Barbara Olson

Spruce Hollow Arabians & Pintabians 

Alexandria, Minnesota








Sire: SH Shadow Dancer

Dam: Bar Dark Savanah

BHR Hosan’s Prince

BB Hamra Nasheets

Miska Shetan

Melloy’s Bonnita


Astros Fad Roussa

Preacher Man

Monique Shezar

Zhar Raskal

SU Kham Maria

Bagdad’s Legacy


VO Raffonegro

Aeswaed Hasha


Midnite Mirage



Miska Shetan

Grifco Cahzar



Marosh Camaro

Su Sa Naria

Prince Bagdad

Little Sheyla

Preacher Man


 A Brief Description of Knite's Pedigree

SH Knite Dancer - History

Hosan, Caligastro, *El Mokhtar, Bagdad, Preacher Man (Dam and Sire Side), Zhar Raskal, Skowroneck,  Mirage, Raffles, Raffon, VO Raffonegro, Gazon

Black Purebred Arabian colt:  SH Knite Dancer  born April 17, 2001, stallion.   Sire: SH Shadow Dancer (554285) Dam: BAR Dark Savanah (482472).  Dished head, large eye, small muzzle, his perfect-symetrical markings are a  connected star and stripe, with a snip, and a pure white sock on his right hind leg, correct conformation, lengthy beautiful pasterns, long level hip and a lofty-magical trot that just takes your breath away.  He carries his silver frosted tail over- the-back and proudly carries it like a flag.  He should mature over the 15+ hand range.  

SH Knite Dancer is from a very strong black homogenous background.  He is  “Old Fashioned” Arabian.  Crabbet, McCoy and Kellogg breeding along with Egyptian and Polish lines.  He is sturdier than those currently winning in the show ring at present time.  Here is just a sampling of his background and of the horses in his bloodlines.  VO Raffonegro and Caligastro were very beautiful blacks.  There is Babson breeding and quite a bit of Davenport and Selby.  As you can see from his sire and his grandsire, they are very well put together.  There is also  Crabbet Breeding going back to Raffles combined with old Egyptian for a wonderful disposition. Preacher Man and RB Miska Shetan are in his top and bottom lines of his pedigree. RB Miska Shetan was sired by Zhar-Raskal, who is one of the foundation sires for the famous and exquisite breeders of Black Arabians, Hughes Arabians.  They are located in Hubbard, Ohio.  

What  is really exciting is that  *EL Mokhtar,  who is in Knite's pedigree, was a straight Egyptian stallion which was imported in 1975 to Zoetrope Studios and was the Black Racing Arabian Stallion in the movie "The Black Stallion Returns"  So Knite has a Movie Star celebrity in the family!  

And going further back in his pedigree...and on to the desert....  Here are just a few of the horses that we must name drop...

I,  SH Knite Dancer, am an all American Black Arabian Stallion!  But my ancestors go back to the Egyptian Desert  and I carry the blood of:

  • Raffon++ -1965 US National Champion Stallion, 1973 US National Champion English Pleasure, sire of 17 National winners and a noted broodmare sire. 
  • Gazon- Leading Sire of Champions
  • Indraff- Leading Sire of Champions, Foundation sire at Al Marah Arabians
  • Ferzon- Leading Sire of Champions, and foundation sire for Gainey Arabians. FERZON, sire of 24 National winners including U.S. National Champion Stallion and Pleasure Driving Gai Parada+++.
  • *Witez II-  Black Stallion, Foaled in Poland in 1938, was taken by General Patton in World War 11 and shipped to the U.S. in 1945.
  • El Goto- Leading Sire of Champions, 100% Kellogg breeding.
  • Ferneyn- Leading Sire of Champions,
  • *EL MOKHTAR- Black Stallion, E.A.O. Straight Egyptian imported in 1975 by Zoetrope Studios. He was the Black race horse in the movie "The Black Stallion Returns".
  • *Ramses Fayek- Imported from Egypt in 1970, Leading Sire of Champions,
  • Nazeer- E.A.O. (foaled in 1934, was a successful race horse) Leading World Sire of Champions.
  • Fa Serr- Won the largest of all, all breed shows, The Chicago Livestock Show in 1955.
  • *Fadl- Imported in 1932 by Henry Babson.
  • *Turfa- Was bred by the Saudi Royal Family in Arabia.
  • Bamby- Leading Sire of Champions, Leading Broodmare Sire.
  • Fadjur- Sired many Champions, was the foundation Sire at the Jack Tone Ranch, the oldest operating horse farm in California.
  • *Raffles- imported from Crabbet Stud in 1932 by Roger Selby and is in many purebred Arabian pedigrees today.
  • *Mogha - EAO 131 Black Mare - Straight Al Khamsa, Asil,  and Blue List Egyptian Mare, from the Dahman Sahwan Strain and the Kafar Farouk Stud in Egypt.  El Sareei EAO 106 was her sire with El Shaklan breeding and Yosreia EAO 76 was her dam a Blue List Dam and of the Hadbah Enzahiyah Strain from the Bahtim Stables in Egypt.

Less than 3% of all registered purebred Arabians are Black. Black Arabian foals are born with a mousy brown coat color, sometimes the color looks like the Grulla color of an adult mustang, complete with dorsal stripe and a darker head. The foal coat quickly fades in the summer sun, but when the winter coat comes in, the foal will be black with no red or brown hairs around the muzzle or flank.  

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