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Street Crime Unit, by Donald Burns

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"I have read Street Crime Unit by Donald Burns and I have found it to be very entertaining. The artwork on the front and back covers leaves you in mystery of the story that is about to unfold inside. The graphics leave you with many questions that are only to be answered when you read the book. It has great depth."  The book overall keeps you entertained with all of the characters, twists and turns of events and transitions of the main character throughout the book. I have found Street Crime Unit to be an easy, entertaining and uncomplicated read. I enjoyed it. A welcome escape for an avid reader as myself. I was intrigued by it. Mr. Spike, of Spikes Signs and Advertising, Daytona Beach, FL.


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"I am only to Chapter 8 - Tomesula's and this is a two thumbs up for me, I can't put it down!" Darin - Security Specialist - Daytona Beach Florida


"My law enforcement career began in NY (like the character in the book), then led me to spend my last 6 years with the Sheriff's Dept. in Florida. I recently read Street Crime Unit by Donald Burns and thought it to be a welcome change from other books like it that have crime type stories. I have, and will continue to recommend Street Crime Unit to my friends and fellow officers. They should read this book." - Richard C., Flagler County Deputy Sheriff (ret.)


Book review by Blue Feather Web and Publishing for Street Crime Unit, Jagged Streets/Twisted Lives, By Donald Burns.

���As a youngster, did you ever think that all you wanted to do when you grew up was to become a Police Officer?” Did you even take it from the dream and take it a step further and become one of the Elite, a Street Crime Unit Officer? And so begins a brand new release, Street Crime Unit, Jagged Streets/Twisted Lives, a story which focuses on a main character and his transitions through civilian life, the military, the police academy, and being “on the job”. Finally becoming one of the Elite, an S.C.U. Officer and beyond.


"This book is a welcome change from the complex yet traditional offerings of books today in reference to crime or fictional crime stories. While the publishing industry continues to produce more and more crime, mystery, intrigue and “who done it” type books and literature, this book is a fictional story that has a true “real life” feel to it and the main character in the book could actually be your next door neighbor!" - Blue Feather Publishing


Excerpts of a Pre-Publication Review

A Pre-Publication Review!  Below is an example, with authors' name obscured.  The Author's name and the Title of the book have been removed.  But you get the idea.  Reviews by Blue Feather Web and Publishing are Objective.  We are not a literary agent or an author's agent.  We strictly review the "book" for sale-ability, marketing and promotional purposes.


This professional review is made for AUTHOR NAME,  TITLE by Blue Feather Web and Publishing


Statement Summary: TITLE is a futuristic novel, that is not far fetched. I feel it would do very well focused to science fiction readers around the world. And anyone that is intrigued with the future of the world.


If you have loved ... Any futuristic type movies, you will love this book. There are many aspects to this book and many questions to be answered, AUTHOR keeps you wondering what is next for the main character of the book, NAME OF LEAD CHARACHTER.  It was very entertaining.

The point of view that this work is written is highly descriptive and narrative. The purpose, content and authority that AUTHOR presents in his book is clear. The reader feels as though he/she is there, so many hundreds of years from now. The description of the future and its technologies that AUTHOR utilizes and describes, convinces the reader of the future's possibilities and it is not that far fetched in the story where it would jeopardize his book's validity.

Mr. AUTHOR shows his clear technical knowledge in this book and I would venture to say that the purpose for his writing this book is to share his vivid imagination, knowledge of technology, and military experiences to carry you, the reader, to an Earth far in the future. Immersing readers into the possibilities of this World and how it might be.

The geographical setting of this book is Earth far in the future. Earth is described in great credible detail. The story is based in the beginning on the east coast of the United States, but with names of cities and places that we would remember now being slightly changed. As the World has changed dramatically. Mr. AUTHOR is able to tie in what used to be the world (now) to what is the future of the World is (in this story) in credible detail to make the Earth of the future completely and comfortably believable to the reader.


From what I can ascertain from just the first four chapters of this manuscript is that there is an international espionage about to occur and it will be of major proportion. There is also going to be some sort of international race in space.


Having only read the first four chapters of this manuscript, it is my professional opinion, I get a strong feeling of what this book will be, and that it should be published in print and in digital formats, along with covers that are outer-space related. Also, I feel that consideration to the possibility of  converting it to a screen play for the making of a movie. This could easily be accomplished because of the distinctive descriptive writing style of the Author.



The AUTHOR explains the future with technical coherence, with great clarity in describing the futuristic realities of the places and settings that the main character travels to.  In very usual settings of our time which we are accustomed to, he describes the future in such a way of believability and originality. The author uses the correct usage of technical words, conciseness, fullness of development of the story and it's plot and there is a continuity and a fluidity in what is about to transpire with the main character.


In summary, Blue Feather Publishing feels this book has great potential for readership. The characters in the book are three-dimensional and we can see that, thus far up to Chapter 4, the story will develop, and the characters will also, carrying you on an adventure. Especially the main character, Hawke. Although, the theme is somewhat familiar, there are many new aspects that are original and extremely entertaining in THIS TITLE. There is a sense of suspense in the first chapter which entices the reader to read on. I would like to see a fictional ***** Map in the book showing TITLE  preferably IN the book and not on the back cover.

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