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Blue Feather Web LogoFor Your Website:  Blue Feather Web Suggests the Following... First you should have your book and your web site published.  After publishing, your Web, Blue Feather Web can get you started with Search Engine Optimization.  (SEO)  We take care of this for you minimally with the actual building of your site. Even if you haven't built a site with us, if you wish for better placement on major search engines, contact Blue Feather Web and we can get started.  Blue Feather Web can do this for any website.  Just contact us.


feather writesFor Your Books:  Blue Feather Web is pleased to announce a special partnership with a Trusted Book Marketing and Promotion Firm in California.  They will Market and Promote Your Book in ways that will blow your mind.  They will also take your book and your website built by Blue Feather Web or Not, to the highest levels in Social Media Promotion, Movie Trailers and Chat Sessions with YOUR readers.  This is marketing your book to targeted people that would like to read your book.  Contact Blue Feather Web with your marketing and promotional needs and it will be done.


What we are offering Our Authors!


Social Networking Mastery:


Our trusted partners will teach you how to use your social media pages at no additional cost when you purchase any package. There are a lot of social media networks out there: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; to name a few, plus we have special Children's Book Marketing, Christian and Inspirational Marketing -- blog driven primarily); or many other author-reader networks. When you purchase an Author's package from our trusted partners, you also receive at no additional charge two training sessions (by phone) and a special cheat sheet to keep you going after the fact! Remember to mention Sandy at Blue Feather Web sent you in order to get any special discounts especially for you from Blue Feather Web.


On-Line Chat Sessions YOU and YOUR Readers STARTER Pak!:


There are plenty of live online events for authors, but this one far exceeds the others from what I've seen.  Our friends and Trusted Partner offer a very controlled environment, with NO third-party pop-ups, ads or feeds to cause distractions.  Our friends are all about the author(s) and the participants who are there to chat live and "in person" with them.  Our Trusted Partners have a lot to offer participants and many of them are great fun for the Author and the readers! This special package comes with not one, but three sessions. Each session runs 30 minutes and puts you directly in front of readers and interested others in a very positive manner. Again, NO third-party advertising. Real-time video and audio.  Our Trusted Partner plans the sessions with you and rehearses with you, too, so you will do your best during the live events. This package was created specially for you, the author and as a Blue Feather Web and Publishing client, you get special discounted pricing, too for being a loyal customer of Blue Feather Web!  You must mention Sandy at Blue Feather Web to get your discounts.

Cost: A special courtesy discount for Blue Feather clients - only $500



Killer Book Trailers:


Movies have promotional trailers ... so why not books? And if you want to do a series of Chats, you need a trailer (though they can use yours if you already have one -- but take a look at some of the samples before you decide). Even if you don't want to do a Chat, a trailer can work wonders. It serves as a good tool for exposure and can be used as a pitch piece for future contracts with publishers. And, of course, your book trailer can be a great asset on your website's home page and on retail book seller sites where your books are sold! Plus, as a loyal customer of Blue Feather Web and Publishing, you receive TWO free upgrades, so if you get a new review and want that worked into the piece -- even if it's six months down the road or a year from now -- Our Partner does it. If you want changes or to drop in a new cover, our friends will do that for you. And as a Blue Feather Web and Publishing client, you get very special pricing!

Cost: A special courtesy discount for Blue Feather clients - only $550 (cannot be combined with our BOGO offer -- the cost for a trailer in the BOGO offer is $750, you get the additional Chat, which is another trailer but with the author as the focus, for free)



Special Promotion That Expires Soon!


Right now and for a limited time, we are running a special promotion that may resonate with you as an author. BOGO special. Buy one PACKAGE and get a trailer for no additional charge. A $750 Value FREE Or buy one trailer and receive an Author Chat Session or a custom Social Media Kit (a sharable sales widget that works across social media platforms, blogs, sites and email to allow readers to buy their books from anywhere they see the gadget online) at no additional cost. It's a good cost effective springtime promotion for your books.


Do you need all the features stated above?


  • Book Promo Sampler -- Need all of the features above? Good news Our Trusted Partner in Promotion of your Books offers a Book Promo Sampler, with a taste of each of them! We recommend this to authors who have a limited following on social media or who are just getting started to utilize it to it's maximum potential. (This covers just about anyone.) It lets you build your foundation and gain exposure and sales tools ... you are then positioned to do more if you want. A website is necessary, and this is where Blue Feather Web can step in, and you also need a presence on Facebook these days. The Book Promo Sampler includes

  • Build or Boost on Facebook -- There are more people beyond your friends, our trusted partners allow you to achieve maximum marketing exposure.  They incorporate their common sense and network your book to a target buying audience.  i.e. sharing articles and adding lots of interests based around key words on Facebook.

  • One Trailer -- A short promo movie about your book.  It is probably the best promotion that you can do for your book that is out there, for authors, plus they distribute to the book seller sites and social media pages, too. The newest trailers are featured for at least a week on their home page of their website and shared with their broad client base.  They also use their YouTube channel as an archive for added exposure.

  • One Bookmark -- a sharable sales widget (sharable across all platforms, sites, social media pages, blogs and email) so your book can be purchased from pretty much anywhere on line easily and quickly. The buyer can jump into the widget, watch the trailer, buy the book and jump out within minutes. This is Pretty cool!

  • Training -- Get expert advice on Facebook, your widget, your trailer and more. This will give you the foundation to continue to marketing yourself successfully for years to come! We're talking about sustainable marketing vs. throw-away marketing.

  • Cost -- As a special courtesy discount for Blue Feather clients - only $999 (Our Trusted Partner has graciously agreed to give Blue Feather Web clients a free (1) Chat session as part of the BOGO offer.)


As all authors know, from time to time or from the 1st publishing date, sometimes more advanced/extensive packages are needed.  There are many other marketing and promotional avenues to take and these are  available as well! Contact Sandy at Blue Feather Web at 386 676 9926 for more information!  If you want best pricing and perks, from our friends and trusted partner,  You must mention Blue Feather Web, and tell them Sandy sent you.   There are hundreds of dollars in savings just waiting for you.  Click Here to Read More Just For Published Authors Marketing and Promotion of your Books!



Webs Again, Search Engines!


Just the Facts Jack!

FACT:  The average time that it takes to submit a single site and ALL of it's pages to only a  single search engine is over one hour. On the average it would take you 30 hours per week just to promote your site on the web.  It's hit or miss for even the most experienced internet specialists. 


FACT:  Your page may not even end up in the top 30 on the results page of the search engine and it may take up to 6 weeks for your site to start to be seen and listed with them.  Google is notorious for this.


FACT:  Valuable and extremely intensive time is being ripped away from you and the building of your internet business/ or the promotion of your books if you are doing all of the work yourself.  Farm some of this out.  You are a writer or have another business to take care of.


FACT:  All of this time and energy can be wasted if submissions are not carefully planned, thought out and submitted to the rules and regulations of each individual search engine.  Each of them have their own specific rules and regulations.  Not all search engines are equal.


Blue Feather Web is here to solve this time eating/stealing dilemma.  We have state of the art knowledge and programming to submit to the top 150 search engines for you, and then some.  Leaving you with that valuable time that is extremely needed to utilize many  other areas of the promotion of your book or business.


We help you with meta tagging your pages, specialized keyword submissions, and keyword descriptions (the words that the average user will use to find your site) and we make sure that all information is submitted properly.  


COST:  There is a one time fee for the initial submissions of your website  for a three month period.   It will not break your advertising budget.    The fee is $150.00. 


Thereafter the 3 month time frame, and for an additional boost from time to time, on an as needed basis, or as your keywords or key description my change, you may call upon Blue Feather Web to do individual submissions for a small nominal fee.


We will analyze and utilize our technology to create custom Meta Tags and Key Search Words for the Internet Spiders to find you and the Key Word Descriptions, and Page Descriptions, that the search engines will post to promote your site.  We can access reports that we can generate for you to monitor your standings.  We will work closely with you to determine which promotional direction to take.


Just consider Blue Feather Web to be your very own Internet Marketing/Promotion Department.  


"The Sky is REALLY our only limit."  Do this now and be on your way on the web.

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The Price for the initial submission is $150.00.  This includes keyword optimization of your website and the submission itself

If you haven't had Blue Feather Web create your website, we will need your website address and may need to get with your web designer.

Please write to BluFthr@aol.com to make your request and to start this service.