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Sandy, of Blue Feather Web Design and Publishing, says...  

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THIS IS OUR PROUD PRESS RELEASE which started it all!

Blue Feather Web Design & Publishing has hit Cyberspace for businesses and private individuals all over the world.

Daytona Beach, Florida

September, 2009




Since April, 2000, Blue Feather Web Design & Publishing in conjunction with the World Wide Web, and many internet products and services, and publishing books in print and in digital formats, announces that it has undertaken a major initiative to support local and world-wide businesses and individuals in developing and attaining web sites that will help grow their businesses and share their ideas with the world.


Blue Feather Web Design will offer services and support to anyone, whether a business or a private individual, in need of a web site, domain name, hosting, web promotion, computer support, publishing at any stage printed or digital books and EBAY trading assistance.  We can help at any stage.


According to Sandy, web site designer/developer/internet consultant and publisher and owner of Blue Feather Web Design & Publishing, "We will be filling the need for web sites and for authors for both businesses and individuals with a desire for a customized web or authors who wish to get their book published.  Whatever their specific forte' is.  Even for everyday people who just want their own sites or books to share their ideas or photos with family and friends around the world."


"As e-commerce sales has taken even a stronger hold on the way we do business in the "world", we want to be a part of it."  We offer Microsoft Expression Web Sites, Silverlight Video, Domain Registration, Transfers, Hosting, and full design and maintenance."   We also offer help to the "Computer Challenged".   We also offer full book publishing in print or digital for the Barnes and Noble Nook or the Amazon Kindle for authors!  From Cover to Cover and all in between, and to everyone, everywhere!"


"We are so excited to be living in a time that web commerce has taken such a hold on the changes in social, economic and commercial landscape.  We are here to combine our efforts and ideas with yours, to bring the world wide web and it's endless opportunities to businesses and to the real-life community and to help authors bring their dream of a book published to reality"  


"We want to be a part of your success"  "To utilize a more affordable, creative, extremely useful and powerful additional form of media for advertising and for growing businesses and sharing personal enrichment for authors in this day and age."


"We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you, your business and your books on the web."

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