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Welcome to the Plantation Pines Homeowners Website!


With the Plantation Pines Land and Homeowners Association, all homeowners are always welcome and urged to attend the monthly meetings. All Monthly Meetings are "our" chance to find out the benefits to being a Plantation Pines Land or Home- Owner. Talk About Our Roads, concerns, etc. (See Posters at Mailboxes), Our Mail Delivery, Our Community, Remember to BRING LAWN CHAIRS, you will be able to e-mail one of the officers below if they have e-mail.


Whether you are a member of the Plantation Pines Land and Homeowners' Association or not, this site will help because you are a Plantation Pines Resident.  It takes a special type of person to live here with all of our ruggedness.  We all are special and so are our animals.  Most of us moved here for the peace, quiet and beauty of it and to be able to care for our families and animals in peace and tranquility.   If you are NEW to Plantation Pines and have an e-mail address please write me and put PLANTATION PINES in the subject line to be added to our e-mail list.


If you have a business or a specialty that you do.  Please Add Yourself to this page by e-mailing me and I will share what you do with our neighbors.  Plantation Pines HOA is on Facebook and also we have a HORSE OWNERS Directory.  A group of Plantation Pines Homeowners that have Horses.  Ride with your neighbors! 


Your NEW 2011 PPLHA Officers:

PRESIDENT: Jim Stoltenberg  e-mail



NEXT Association Meetings:

2011 Meeting Dates: Usually held on Mondays, Watch for e-mails and Posting at the Mail-Boxes!


Plantation Pines Land and Homeowner's Association Officers Are Your Neighbors!  Share With Your Community! Check Out the Facebook Page too!


Mail Box Keys -  Call Jim Handy 671-2807

Reflective Address Signs - Bob Bendlin 386 676-2771


Annual Dues For the Homeowners' Association is Mailed every December to the Homeowners. 


Road Fund Donation Request

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF THE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION TO DONATE TO THE ROADS.  As per the By-Laws of the Plantation Pines Land and Homeowners Association, Annual dues shall be payable in January of each year.  A request is also made for a donation of $160 to be used exclusively for road repairs.  Please Make Checks payable to P.P.L.H.A. and mail to the address below.

For More Information on the Plantation Pines Homeowners Association or to contribute to the road fund, you can also contact: The President Jim Stoltenberg at or mail any funds to:  P.P.L.H.A. 100 Pine Woods Road, Ormond Beach, FL  32174




Events and Announcements - Road work, Ditch Cleanings, Holiday Events, Horse Events, Shows, Culvert Dimensions, Dirt Deliveries, Work Parties, mosquito control



Did You Know that Ever Since 5/8/07:  Rima Ridge Volusia County Fire Station # 18 on Rodeo Road is now manned 24/7

Please Click here to print a copy for your Insurance Company Proof.



Please Join Us Here for Frequent Updates.  Send any updates or any information to 


To Make Sure Your Property is Safe in case of Fire, clear all brush and trees at least 30 feet from your home and out buildings.  Watch for overhanging branches and palmettos.  Clear as much underbrush as you can and remember the guidelines of our garbage department.  Brush and branches thrown out to the trash must be bundled. Also Check Here Periodically for Updated Notices from the Ormond Beach Fire Department for Controlled Burns in our Area.  Remembering Fire Storm 1998.


Bob Bendlin, One of our past presidents, received notification that the Rima Ridge Fire Station is officially manned 24/7.  Please print the letter and map from the above link to use for proof of fire protection for your insurance company. 


Photos Below are Memories of the 1998 Firestorm

Plantation Pines 1998


Plantation Pine Firestorm


Plantation Pines fires


PP fires

The meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month.  We post on the bulletin board notification at least 10 days before the meetings. 


VOTE NO FOR the City Annexation of Plantation Pines to Ormond Beach city limits.  Our Taxes will sky-ROCKET!  And we all HAVE been paying the County for the roads and maintenance all along, even in your impact fees when you built here and we have received nothing!  And if you Built here it is included in your impact fees along with your taxes for the county! (this is not fair it is double dipping us)



Did You Know that vandalism had taken place at the mailboxes, and the Plantation Pines HomeOwners' Association had to buy and install the CAGE the larger parcel boxes.  THE POST OFFICE DOES NOT MAINTAIN OUR MAILBOXES.  Please instruct your children not to deface Federal property!


The mail center cages were built by the homeowners' association, paid for with dues money and erected by volunteers from our community, This was done after the post office  threatened not to repair the parcel boxes after all the vandalism. At some point we would have lost all the parcel boxes. It was the Homeowners Association that volunteered to erect and assume the cost of the cage to protect the parcel boxes. (No assistance from the post office)


Please be careful and courteous when entering and leaving the CAGE.  It was a huge inconvenience to all concerned not having the larger boxes, not to mention the gas and time that it took to pick up packages and parcels and to make it to the Post Office before they close.  Anyone knowing who vandalized the boxes should notify the sheriff's office at the phone number. There are many in our subdivision that work from home and business mail has been hindered.   For the few bad people who had done this it created a huge hardship for the rest of our community.


Also, REMEMBER, there is a 25 mile an hour residential speed limit throughout the subdivision.  This is the LAW.  Passing on these roads is forbidden.  Road Laws are the same as any other subdivision.  This means cars, trucks, 4 wheelers and horses, people walking and bicycles!  Please have consideration for your neighbors who are here for the peace and quiet.  License numbers will be taken and given to the Sheriff's Department for repeat offenders. 

 Plantation Pines Workshirt

The roads are maintained by your neighbors.  Please have respect.  You are costing your neighbors money if you are tearing up the roads.  The home that you do this in front of and the road that you do this on is maintained by the homeowner, you are costing them money, REMEMBER please that the police can and will be called and you will be fined to fix the road you have just destroyed or made worse by your playing.   The roads cost each and every one of us out of our own pockets and time and work. 


Disturbing the Peace:  9 pm is common courtesy and 10 pm is the noise ordinance out here.  The Sheriff can be called if you are making noise before 8 am and after 10 pm.  Repeat offenders can and will be fined.


VERY IMPORTANT! The Ormond Beach Sheriff's Dept. was contacted and is continually contacted in reference to the defacing of the mailboxes.  It is a federal offense!  Please speak to your children about the preservation of public property and respect to others' property.  The Postmaster of Ormond Beach was going to REFUSE parcels and you will have to pick them up yourself, $ and GAS.


Please obey the speed limits 25 mph throughout the sub-division there are children playing, animals, birds and horses  EVERYWHERE at every turn!  PLEASE be careful.




E-Mail Directory of Neighbors with or without phone numbers.  Send us your e-mail address and you will be added to our OWN Plantation Pines E-Mail Directory.  Get the news or information first about meetings, minutes, road work, help needed,  and news that pertains to Plantation Pines ONLY.  Click here to be added to our list:  Add me to the PLANTATION PINES E-MAIL DIRECTORY It is FREE!



**Just a note, with hunting seasons, holidays where fireworks are used, or anyone doing target practice,  ATV's and Dirt Bikes, please be aware at all times, that your neighbors may be outside and that there are many children playing, horses, goats, pigs and other large and small animals and birds who live here with us. Let's be safe. Stray bullets can travel one mile and fireworks could make it to your neighbors property and hurt or damage their property, family or animals.  Please, please, please use common sense when using your guns or fireworks.  Please be safe!  If possible, let your neighbors know that you will be celebrating with fireworks so that they can prepare their animals.  I, myself, have had to call a veterinarian many times because of unexpected fireworks for holidays and unexpected birthday celebrations and animals that are frightened get hurt.




The Volusia County Web site has a new Service Requests area. If enough of us send requests they may re-visit having at least our main road graded or paved.  We would all be happier with that so go to and look under service requests.  This holds true for garbage pickup also.  Send Requests for Pine Woods Road!



if you are experiencing HomeOwner's Insurance problems, we should all revisit the Volusia and Flood elevation certificates.  You can get a letter of amendment (LOMA letter and reduce your flood policy premiums You have to pay for new certificates they have to find the LOWEST part on your property) Wetlands Division and see if the subdivision can be re-platted to take our Flood Insurance off the board.  Most of us have purchased additional dirt/fill or dug ponds in order to build here, making sure that our homes are "out and up and above and out of any flood zone A" when they were built.  I have been here over 18 years, I have not heard of anyone "going under water here yet" or flooded to the home.  Even with 10 inches of rain on one day with the storm of the century a few years back and with all the hurricanes we survived.  So, we are now paying double to triple the amount of insurance than year 2004-09 and 2011 who knows.  In September 2011 FEMA is REMAPPING by 9/2011 put in for your LOMA Letter NOW!  One voice may not be heard but many voices may help.  This is on and the FEMA  website



ROAD MAINTENANCE!  Please help at the Community Work Parties that we continue to hold periodically year round!  See postings at the mailbox center.  Contact Mike Carson who owns and runs the road grader for us. his number is 677-0377 he also delivers and spreads the crushed concrete that you purchase from the homeowners association.  Special Thanks to all that are helping to keep our roads as safe as possible and for donations for the road maintenance! Only WE can do it!



Frequently Asked Questions About Plantation Pines Land and Homeowners Association


Why Should I Pay Dues? Your dues are used for the betterment of your community.  Among the uses by your funds are required liability insurance that protects all land and homeowners, the two street lights at the entrance of the mail center, mail center maintenance, fuel and maintenance of the front end loader and dump truck owned by the Association.


How Many Salaried officers are employed by the Association? NONE.  All officers are volunteers who give of their own time for the betterment of the community.


I paid my dues last year and nothing was done to improve my roads. The Association receives no local or county government funds.  Road repairs are based on the amount of donations and dues given by the community members.  The main roads (Conifer, Pine Woods and Pine Cone Drive are given priority as they are the only entrances and exits and are used by all. 


Who do I call to report reckless or dangerous drivers and/or vehicles in the subdivision? You must call the Volusia County Sheriff's Department.  All Florida Vehicle and driving regulations are enforceable within the community.  Please drive safely in the subdivision.  25 MPH is Law.  There are children, horses, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, cars, trucks, construction vehicles here all the time.  Please use common sense when out and about in our community.


Who can be an officer of the Association? Any dues paying member is urged and welcome to become an officer of the association.  New ideas and suggestions are always needed and welcomed.


My Schedule will not allow me to get involved in the meetings is there any other way to get involved?  Work parties are occasionally scheduled to repair the roads and to clean litter.  Persons willing to learn how to operate the Back Hoe and the Dump Truck are always needed.  Ask if you can help?  Check periodically at the Mail Center for Flyers for help needed.


Why are the ditches in front of or on my property?  The Drainage Ditches were required to be constructed by the original owner of the subdivision as part of their permitting process in the 1970's.  They are essential to ease road and property flooding.  They are owned by the subdivision as part of the easement and governed by various County and State Departments.  You are free to maintain them but you can not remove, fill or block them.  Be aware that there are buried telephone lines and now cable lines in the vicinity of many of the ditches throughout the subdivision.  Call 1 800 432 4770 to have them located and marked before digging of any sort.


Remember this website is only for the Land and Homeowners of Plantation Pines.  Check back to it often and please send questions to or contact our President above. 

Please Pay Dues and Get involved with your Community!


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Thank you to the Stoltenborg's for some of these nice Photos!

Oh My, The Mailboxes a Long time ago before the cages.




The Bulletin Board at the Mail Boxes is for Plantation Pine Residents ONLY!  Share with your neighbors.  Please put a couple of your own business cards there so we can scan them and list them here if you wish.  Or Just Send in e-mail and I will list it here.  See Below for What Services Some of your Neighbors have to offer our community.  Who knows what they may have to offer and it might be right here in our own backyards.




Thanks you to all that donate help in our community of time & money towards the road work for the betterment of all! See posters at the mail center for details.  Shell and Crushed Concrete is always needed! Labor is Needed and Contributions to the Road Fund can be sent to PPLHA, 100 Pine Woods Road, Ormond Beach, FL  32174 or e-mail and our president will direct you. Your Donations are So Appreciated, and our vehicles thank you too!




Kelie Tatro


Fill Dirt or Wells Drilled here in Plantation Pines:  Deep or Shallow Well Drilling please call Bill Thompson of Thompson Well Drilling He is a Neighbor here in Plantation Pines at 386-673-0833.


We need pet sitters and house sitters too - Send an e-mail to list anyone interested in sitting for animals here in Plantation Pines. Pet Sitting and House Cleaning!  Now,  we all need this from time to time.  Send me your biz card and I will send your biz card to all residents who have given me an e-mail address.  Just  like I did here for Ms. Tatro!


Horse Training: Local Trainer! - Call Ronnie Ford - He has trained 1,000's of horses, and also he trains MUSTANGS.  boarding and resistance free training for all disciplines.  Specializing in Western Pleasure and Problem Horses.   He has taken my stallion for training and he is GREAT. The Training Center is in Deland.  I have seen him work and he is a miracle worker!  Stress free training of your horse!  Contact me if you have any questions  Also Horses for sale - see Ronnie Ford Training Center website for details.  Ronnie Ford Training Center, 1065 S. Massachusetts Avenue, Deland 386 738 6093 Available for Stud is Smokin' Jo Polite AQHA Dun Stallion. Round Pen to Show Ring  

GENERAL CONTRACTORS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED  for a clean working and professional contractor please contact me to list one here or I have one for you.   


HANDYMAN AND CLEANING SERVICE - TIME TOO SHORT?  CALL BILL & DONNA -- The Light at the End of the Tunnel is here!  Have you been looking for those extra hours in the day and no time to get your chores done when you get home?  Imagine coming home to a chore free evening.  Grass Mowed, trimming done, fences mended, weeding done and let's not forget many other odd jobs like housecleaning, lite to extreme, grocery shopping, or do you just need an extra helping hand to get those started projects completed once and for all?  Are you leaving on vacation and there is no one to feed the animals?  If your time is too short, give me a call (386) 615 8613 or (386) 852-7255 for a FREE ESTIMATE.  Please call Bill or Donna (his wife for any cleaning you need) "The Time Too Short Guy!"  here in Plantation Pines!


Heating and A/C - Griffin Heating and A/C  call Fred Griffin at 386 671-9882 He can help you!


New Photos? - If you have any new photos that you would like to see on this site please send them my way. If you have an updated map of plantation pines, Please e-mail it to me,  the one I have is from 1991


Your Business Cards: Share them with me and I will put them on this site!  Share with your Neighbors!!!  Let everyone know what you do!


Jobs that are Needed Here in Plantation Pines:  This is a place for you to list Jobs that you need to hire someone for.  Consider it a wish list to get work done on your property.  I will list them here for you.


Vickers Stucco and Plastering, call Jason Vickers, licensed and insured, 386 586 3965 or cell 386 547 7393  Tell Jason you saw him on our site! 


Share What You DO, Do What you Share!


More than one of our neighbors is an Author!!!


Mousey Gets Wings

A Wonderful Children's book

Mousey Gets Wings

by Pam Cawood

Discover a first-of-a-kind “picture-in-picture” book from author Pam Cawood that will allow your young ones to embark on an exciting adventure as they follow how Mousey Gets Wings.


In a delightful rhyme, curious, young Mousey wishes for wings. He begins a whimsical journey, full of fantasy and adventure, but not without unexpected challenges. Young readers can find out how Mousey learns about wishes, family acceptance, and love in this charming tale that is sure to capture their attention from the first page until the very last.


Mousey Gets Wings features illustrations done by a professional artist and by an eleven-year-old Autistic child, with both images appearing on the same page.  Every parent will love to read and explore this book with their child, and every child will love to learn to read, when reading Mousey Gets Wings.  Purchase at the website below.  We are lucky to have Pam as our neighbor!

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Knite Dancer 



Lost - if you have lost an animal or an item here in Plantation Pines list is here too, (it may be found much quicker and safer if we are all aware of it)  leave your name, phone number and where it may have been lost in this subdivision in an e-mail if you have internet access. at Also, put posters up that you have LOST an animal at the front entrance. I will send an e-mail to all members and maybe we will find it sooner.  WE have found many animals who have strayed this way.  Try not to take them to the Humane Society if you can help it.


You can also contact Cherie Stockholm at CELL - 386-212-2160 she runs a rescue in Barberville and has found a lot of animals that have gone away from home from Plantation Pines.  Please donate to Angels have Whiskers!  They are our closest rescue!


Found - if you find a stray animal or an item here in Plantation Pines, please keep it at your home safe, make animals comfortable with water and I will post it here, please don't take them to the Humane Society unless there is no other place to take them. (It costs between $30 and $50 at the Humane Society to get them out of jail. It may be much more now, not sure) Also, it is important to put posters up that you have FOUND an animal at the main entrance (this truly helps tremendously).


If they are hurt, call the nearest VETERINARIAN see below.  If it is after hours, 6pm or later, contact the 24 hour clinic on International Speedway Boulevard (386) 252-4300.  We know, as owners, we would gladly pay for the vet bill for our pet's safety.  


IF they are not hurt, and you wish another way to let our neighbors know what you have found, make the animal comfortable with water and a cool place to stay and then write to I will put it on the site ASAP (usually in the evenings) and share your info with our E-mail Directory so your neighbors can find the rightful owners.  This is so everyone can be reunited faster.  Leave your name and your phone number and if you wish, where the item/pet is, and what time you will be available  to reunite pet with owner.  I am not a shelter so I can not come and help you, but I can list the found and/or lost animal on the site and share it with our neighbors who have signed up for e-mails for the Plantation Pines Website.




Volusia Vet


Volusia Veterinary Services
228 S Woodland Blvd

, FL 32720
Phone: (386) 740-0963
Fax: (386) 868-5828
Email Us


Horses and Large Animals: Dr. Cindy Merrick, Creek Side Animal Clinic, Pioneer Trail, New Smyrna Beach, FL (386) 428-4721  BEST FOR HORSES!


Or Dr. Suzan Oakley, Spring Garden Equine Clinic, in DeLeon Springs (386) 985-9500

Dogs and Cats:  The closest animal hospital is Salzburg Animal Hospital, 1254 West Granada Boulevard, Ormond Beach, (386) 677-4475, Just past Lowe's on the right hand side of the road. 


Humane Societies - Halifax Humane Society  on LPGA Blvd. (386) 274-4703, or  4


Large Animals -  South East Humane Society in DeLand (386) 734-2450

ANIMAL RESCUE!  Cherie Stockholm, President & Founder
Angels Have Whiskers... Large and Small animal rescue
P.O. Box 274
Barberville, FL  32105, CELL - 386-212-2160
When they are lost, abused or left behind...we are there for them in all ways...please, if you love animals, make a donation today and help us continue to help them...!

"To the may be one person...but to one person... you may be the world" Author..unknown



Plantation Pines Homeowners Association News and any news that may be relevant to Plantation Pines residents like road services and mosquito control, County and tree removal, dirt.

Sheriff's Department: (Non-Emergency Only).............248-1777

Animal Control:..........................................................248-1790

Mosquito Control:.......................................................239-6516

Solid Waste and Recycling:........................................257-6021

Captain Bonnevier has replaced Captain Wyatt as our contact person at the Sheriffs Department - District 3.





Garage Sales for the Community and YOURSELF.  WE have Annual Garage sales out front by the mailboxes.  If you wish to have a sale, please contact us so that we can try to make arrangements for this.  If enough people want to do this, we can schedule it.




For Sale - sell your item, car, boat, truck, lawnmower, or animals right here to a neighbor that might be in looking for exactly what you have to offer.  Ads will be listed below:


Yard Sales - Hi, Your Neighbors plan yard sales out front, contact me if you wish to add to them or spend a weekend selling stuff out front.  We will also sell stuff for you if you wish.

Items include household items, electronics, furniture, machinery, lawn mowers, air compressors, VHS movies, DVD's, computer stuff, clothes, we occasionally have large items that are for sale, just ask.  


For Sale - Equipment, Air compressors, Pressure Washers, Generators, Riding Lawn Mowers, walk behind lawn mowers, Chain Saws, Zero Turn Mowers, Trailers, weed whackers, edgers, misc. equipment.  Write us for your needs and Ask Don at or or call us 386 676-9926


Just Take a Look and See...There Might be Something Right Here that You Need or Want:


Realtor - Buying or Selling a House or mini Farm? Let us suggest,

Cherie Stockholm, Realtor
Re/Max Property Centre
1134 W. Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach. FL  32174
Office - 386-673-7001 ext. 315
Fax - 386-673-7469
Toll Free 1-800-375-7011 ext. 315
CELL - 386-212-2160

Buying - link up with someone right here in Plantation Pines for an item or animals you are seeking and save on shipping costs, retail prices and gas.  And saving gas is a big one these days.....


If you put your business card or a poster or message at the mailboxes your message will also be listed here if you contact me.  I have my cards at the mailboxes too!  I will only list persons who call or e-mail me and put your cards on this site. Send me an e-mail And I can share your card with all of our neighbors who have signed up here for FREE!  You May Also send an e-mail to me with an attachment of your business card in JPG Format and I will list it here.   Share YOUR Trade With Your Neighbors!

Horse Trailer Rentals: Call Andy Horse trailer rentals and sales, sheds, carports, barns, warehouses, garages, TaskMaster tractor sales...he also rents tractors, box blade, loader, bush hog, spreader...etc., Mac boots for sale for horses (shoeless boots 386-677-0842 cell 407-383-3865


Custom built horse carts, cart repairs, horse trailer repairs, gates, gate repairs, custom metal fabrications and welding of aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. Also ornamental metal work and metal art. Former NASCAR racecar fabricator. I have recently done ornamental work for Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Cypress Gardens. I've made metal art candle holders and book ends with horse shoes, hay racks, saddle racks, tie rings, feeders, water troughs, Portable pens and much more.  Kindly Call Mike Luddeni (386) 235-4390 

Your Garage/Yard Sales - Put your Garage/Yard sale items and/or announce your date and address so others in our community will know about it.


Horse Related or Animal Related Items for Sale - List items here that you may want to sell Saddles, Bridles, Hay, Feed, Anything horsey.



Living here is not easy at times and there sure is a lot here to read but our experience building and living here can save you time and money.  Please read all of our info.  It will help you.  Please help our community with the work parties throughout the year for the roads usually scheduled on Saturdays!  See our Mail Boxes at the front of the subdivision for details periodically.


Whether you are a member of the Plantation Pines Land and Homeowners' Association or not, this site will help because you are a Plantation Pines Resident.  It takes a special type of person to live here with all of our ruggedness.  We all are special and so are our animals.  The growth of Plantation Pines in the last 10 years has been enormous. Most of us moved here for the peace, quiet and beauty of it and to be able to care for our families and animals in peace and tranquility and safety. 


Howdy neighbors!  My name is Sandy and I built my home here  in Plantation Pines over 20 years ago and I am the Owner/ Administrator/ Developer/Publisher/Editor and Internet/EBAY Specialist of Blue Feather Web and  many other sites.  I donate my time and money for hosting of this site for use and helpful information for all the residents of Plantation Pines here in Ormond Beach.  We all have special needs for our families and animals.  This site is not advertised.  No e-mail address will be used for any other purpose than to help and share with Plantation Pines Residents and our special needs!  Send your E-mail to me so you can receive updates to this page. 


Thank you always to all that donate throughout the years and help in our community the time & money towards the road work for the betterment of all! See posters at the mail center for details.  Shell and Crushed Concrete is always needed! Labor is Always Needed and Contributions to the Road Fund can be sent to PPLHA, 100 Pine Woods Road, Ormond Beach, FL  32174 or e-mail Your Donations are So Appreciated, and your vehicles thank you too! 


This page is only to be shared with actual owners of Plantation Pines Homes and Lots.  It has been shared all over the country by owners of land parcels here.  It keeps them apprised as to what is going on in our community and it helps them to decide to build or to sell.  I have been contacted from many Land-Owners as to how to get started building here and all of the legalities of building.  It has been extremely helpful to the Landowners Living here also.  


Please send anything "Plantation Pines",  funny pictures, pictures of your animals, unusual things, just send it to me, Sandy, with Plantation Pines in the subject line in an e-mail and I will post it here.


A huge and warm thank you to all that have helped and volunteered time and money to the beautification of Plantation Pines, the Mail Center, and the entranceway and to the persons who help on the maintenance of our roads, you are a blessing to us all who do not have the help or the resources.



A Note for Horsepersons.  If you have a horse related business, please share it with your neighbors here.  Share your Veterinarians, Blacksmiths, hay and feed dealers, horse dentists, photos of sales horses, etc.  Anything Equine, Sell your Truck or Trailer or Horse Property for that matter!  If you want to sell your horse maybe a neighbor is looking for one. Just Send an E-mail to me at and I will post it here and send it to all neighbors that have added their e-mail address here.  Please put in the header of your e-mail that you are a PPLHA member or resident.


Horse Training: Local Trainer! - Call Ronnie Ford Training Center- He has trained 1,000's of horses and mustangs, Clinics, Boarding, Resistance free training for all disciplines.  The Center is in Deland.  He is a miracle worker!  Stress free training of your horse!  Any questions  Clinics, Sales and Mustangs1065 S. Massachusetts Avenue, Deland 386 738 6093 also Available for Stud is Smokin' Jo Polite AQHA Dun Stallion From Round Pen to the Show Ring. 


Dressage Training Right here in Plantation Pines, Get your horse tuned up!  Contact Robin Williams at Throwing Copper Ranch 


Arabian Horse Breeding:  Blue Feather Farm announces a wonderful Black Arabian stallion for breeding.  He has bloodlines to the black stallion in "The Black Stallion Returns" *El Mokhtar.  See Knite's Photo above.  He was professionally trained at Ronnie Ford Training Center.  He is Very Sweet natured even for a stallion. I also do round pen work if you wish to bring your horses over. Contact Breed for black or breed for black and white pintos Arabian or Half-Arabian with Sabino bloodlines. 


Need A BARN/OUTBUILDING Contact Steel and Post Building Supply at 1721 LANGLEY AVE. DELAND, FL. 32724  (386) 738-2579 or 1-800-330-3579 FAX 734-5044 I had roof system erected by them and finished it myself, my DREAM barn!


PLANTATION PINES Community Bulletin Board:  Jobs we may need to share or Jobs that are needed.  Share your expertise with your neighbors.  Or make a posting of something you need, or a service you need, maybe there is someone here that can do it for you.  Let's Save Time, Gas and Money $


Bartering Services - TRADING:  If you have a service or work at a job that can help anyone here in Plantation Pines, or an item that is worth bartering for (like fill dirt, a culvert or a bull dozer to use or a bobcat, chain saws), please list it here.  Most things may not even require ANY money for a trade or small out of pocket running expense. 


(Here are some examples:  Wanted to Trade Harley Motorcycle for Boat of equal value or have small boat with engine looking for riding lawn mower or I need palmettos removed will clean your house in return)


Horse Related Items for Sale - Bulk Bedding 10 yd Minimum Call 386 586 7591 Know of anyone that delivers Bulk Bedding or Cypress Mulch, write to us!


Horse Related Items Wanted - Do you have a mini donkey or mini horse you may wish to trade for a website of your own?  Or do you have a service that you would like to trade for a Web Site...  Tell me, I Will trade for design costs on your NEW website.  Please write me here Sandy at 


Blacksmiths -  Our Local Blacksmith is Rob Allen.  He is Great with my stallion, 386-437-9371 or 954-881-9614.  See his website that I created Give him a call he is local and he does great work and he shows up on time. He covers from Jacksonville to Miami.  


I invite all neighbors to list here the blacksmiths that they use for a backup.


Also Cliff Stevens at 386 843-9088 It would help your neighbor to know, possibly bring down your farrier fee if we can get enough horses on the same schedule and of course, build business for a great dependable Blacksmith in our area.  


Know a Horse Dentist or have a Favorite Vet, Please Send them to us so we can list them here!


Thank You's to your Neighbors for helping you!  After you send an e-mail to me, I will post your thank you here.  Then send them this page link and let them know that you thank them for helping you.  Send them an e-card too!  A big thank you to all that work on the roads, it means a lot to us and our kidney's too LOL.




 If anyone knows of anyone that can Horse Board, Critter Sit, Clean Carpets, Baby Sit, Paint Houses, Lawn Work, Bull Dozer Work, etc. Please contact me so I can list them here. Any service or job that you can provide, please share with your neighbors!  Sandy


Do you have veggies, fruits or food for sale or trade I can list it here and you can sell to neighbors!  write me Sandy


Need a Web Site? Resume', personal, business, author sites, I also specialize in every type of web site promotion, social media marketing Facebook Fan Pages and video on disk see my BizCarD page and contact me at Blue Feather Web Design:  or phone (386) 676-9926  9-5 Monday - Friday 


Have you written a book? Get published!   Write me, I am a full time book editor and publisher, Digital for Kindle and Nook and in Print,  Sandy


Jeff Bartina


Painter - Colorful Coates call Mr. Leggett 904 347 5405 Spring Specials, Pressure Washing, Lawn Maintenance, No Job too big or too small Licensed and Insured.


Baby-Sitters - If you have a great one list them here please.


Blacksmith - Rob Allen, call 386 437-9371 see his neat website


Or Contact me for Jason Clark - He works with my stallion and he is wonderful.


Electrician - Cates Electric, they are in the phone book, tell Mike that Sandy recommended you.


Plumber - Call Herb Weems!  (Please contact us for a Plumber!)


A/C - Griffin Heating & A/C  Fred 386 671-9882


Water Treatment Services - CULLIGAN Water is recommended. On Dunn Avenue, Daytona in the phone book.


Bulk Bedding for Your Horses and Goats - Call Volusia Feed 386 423-1670 They ALSO Deliver on Wednesdays!


Ormond Hay and Feed, call Chris 386 492 3469 and tell him Sandy Sent You.


EGGS - Nel's eggs are the best and Fresh! Natural free range chickens nice brown eggs call her 386 316 5009 THE BEST EVER!



Horse Boarding, Room for One.  Stall never lived in!  12 x 12 stall.  Fed 3 times per day. Stalls cleaned daily.  Call to come see!  Trail Riders Dream Here!  No Mare's please But  pasture breeding available with Black Arabian Stallion! Long or Short Term OK. Screened in Barn for skeeters & fans for comfort on thermostat. Please write for prices.  Reduced board for Help around farm.


Anyone Purchasing Large Quantities of Hay Feed or Bedding..... HEY share with Your neighbors and cut costs.  Let me know so I can list it here on the site. 


Volusia County Relevant County Offices for paying registrations, and any county information you may need.


Map of Plantation Pines is Posted at the Mailboxes.


Property for Sale - Maybe you have a lot for sale here or wish to sell your home.  It could be possible that your neighbor may wish to expand.  Why not share this information here and save on Realtor's costs.


If you want a web site of your own, I can be very affordable.  Please contact me Sandy as to what you would like to see on this site.


Bookmark this site:  Also Check the Bulletin Board at the Mailboxes for News and Information pertaining to our community.


PS: Contact me via e-mail, if you change your e-mail address, phone number or when an item has been sold or a pet has been found or a transaction has been completed so that we can update this site and keep free space for new stuff to share.


Don't You Just LOVE it here!

If there is any information here  that you wish edited please e-mail me.  Thank you.

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PRESSURE CLEANING Call SLADE @ 386 299 4260 Serving Volusia & Flagler Counties.  Licensed and Insured Commercial and Residential or 386 566- 3337


LOCAL FARRIER Jim Neely Farrier Services Over 20 years experience and patience of steel. Deleon Springs  Cell:  386 747-8873  Phone 286 985-5691  Ronnie Ford Training Center Recommends him and they have MUSTANGS!




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