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Blue Feather Web has a Trusted Book Marketing and Promotion Firm!

They are in the media capitol of the world, California and they are here to increase your visibility as an Author please READ ALL!

   Street Crime Unit By Donald Burns Most Book promotion companies and publishers offering such services around social media marketing focus only on the most simple of tasks (i.e., account set up, page design, blog posts, friending).   They leave the hard parts to you - finding the right people.

You know the grind. You try to search for the right people. Click off friend requests one at a time, hour after hour, while fending off the spammers. This is what our trusted business partner will do on your behalf.

Our Partner's staff searches for the right people and then sends personal invitations on your behalf one at a time, day by day, week by week until you have an audience that's receptive to your book(s)  ... not just a random rabble of friends.

EVERY author has a right to expect fair, effective, and quality promotion in return for their money. That's where our Partner shines.  They build book promotional packages based on the realities of what readers want from today's authors, and help authors avoid the costly mistakes of "throw-away marketing".

Maybe you've already experienced throw-away marketing, and felt the pain of spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars piecing together a promotional campaign for your book(s). A trailer company for this, a PR firm for that, a book agent, a literary agent, only to get less than desired results. Editorial inclusions here and there, maybe a few radio show guest slots or a TV appearance or two, a trailer with somebody else's name at the end, and hours upon hours writing for blogs instead of writing your next book. And then POOF! - your money and "fifteen minutes of fame" are gone, leaving you right back where you started.

If your book doesn't have a shelf life in today's online retail world, so why should your book promotion?  We're not going to bore you with corporate speak on how great they are or how we can make you a best-selling author. Nor are we going to tell you what you don't already know about your book promotion. You're a writer and a professional; you already know most of the options available to promote your book.  But perhaps our partner can provide you with a fresh perspective on how to effectively use today's array of book promotion options.

Write this down, it may be the most important thing that you do in promoting yourself or your books, Tell us about your books and what you've done so far in promotions...whether it's worked or not. If it hasn't worked, there is a reason and perhaps we or our trusted partner  can help you find the missing piece.

You'll quickly learn that our partner is a different type of book promotions company... and a different type of PR agency.   We don't think old school and we won't waste your time with "big talk." You may even walk away with some new ideas just for speaking to them. . no strings . . we promise!

We're all about the author ... and so is our trusted business partner!

E-Mail us now with what you have done so far in marketing and promotion so that we can put you in touch with this cutting edge marketing and promotion firm for yourself and your books

Authors who are serious about expanding their presence in mainstream channels know they can't rely on their publisher to do it all for them and they shouldn't. That's where our partner comes in!   They  manage these tasks so authors don't take time away from what they enjoy doing - creating books.

They help authors promote their works via simple and direct people-centric marketing.  Their  promotional programs focus on people... not technology. There's no magic to what They do; it's simply hard work and smarts in play, driven by industry professionals with highly specialized skills and who know interactive media, internet technologies, sales and distribution and public relations.

Our Trusted Partner  builds an audiences for you by blending elements from social media platforms, digital media, and relationships with real people.

With the today's economy, authors cannot afford to spend promotional  dollars on traditional "throw away marketing programs. Our programs are simple and affordable with no sticky contracts. All work is performed on a work order basis you set the terms.

And there's something that our Trusted Business Partner offers that other companies won't... 24/7 personal hands-on client support.

First, They Go Get Your Readers . . .
(They don't wait for them to come to you)

When you want to leverage the best of social media marketing and networking for your book promotions, consider a Our Partner's  Book Hooks program. Unlike traditional marketing and book promotions, Book Hooks gives you something sustainable that you can use for years to come. It's something you can keep building upon, too. And that's something that traditional promotions cannot give you.

How does the Book Hooks work?

This is not a numbers game, but rather our goal is to develop an audience of like-minded readers who can help spread the word about
your book. Here we engage a proactive "outreach" to 500+ targeted book sellers, reviewers, libraries -- btw, which buy a lot of books -- industry professionals, publishers, media people and then readers and fans of your book's subject matter and genre.

Then Build Eye Catching, heart thumping Movie Trailers For Your Readers . . .

Although our partner isn't a movie trailer company, they do a bang-up job in that department. their  trailers are unique, a word we don't throw around much, and we'll leave it to you to see if you agree after you contact Blue Feather Web to Schedule a call, you will be directed to a website that will show you their work.  You will be amazed, it will be what you have been looking for with the promotion of your book.  They have an AUTHORS page on their website for you to preview what they can do.

What makes our partner's trailers different?

The approach. The first thing you might notice is that their  name appears nowhere in the trailer. The author's name does; the author retains the rights to any work they do for you. The way we figure it, putting their name name on a trailer would be akin to an ad agency sticking its name at the end of a commercial.

One more thing about their trailers is that you receive TWO free upgrades (just like when you buy software). This extends the shelf life of an author's trailer. Nice huh? ;-)

Give your readers what they really want... YOU!

A whole new way to engage your audience and leave them with a taste for more!

You've published your book. Congratulations. Now what? You're probably already promoting it any way you can book signings, blog tours, bookmarks and cover flats, e-mailers, ads, and standing on street corners (just kidding). So what else is there? Well, why not give readers what they really want . . . YOU!

Look, no one knows your book better than you, has more passion about your story, and no one can sell it better! You may not realize it but to the reader you are a celebrity. Consider Our Partner's AuthorChats, a great way to create new relationships with your readers! You don't have to leave the house. In fact, you don't even need to get dressed. (We don't recommend this, but it's your AuthorChat.)

The AuthorChats' premise is simple. Deliver a unique and authentic experience for the reader to visit with their favorite authors via a live video chat. Unlike the pervasive "DVR it for later" media events (i.e., video interviews, recorded pod casts, guest blogs, etc.) our goal is to tap into reader excitement by providing a special V.I.P. author encounter. REAL Time Streaming LIVE!!!

What good is a website without friends?

A website is a website is a website. OR IS IT? Here at Blue Feather Web we believe a website should be more than just a one-way street. It needs to serve a greater purpose. It needs to spark interest and offer more than just pages of reading material. That's why we create specifically designed sites to include all functions that an authors'  web site could and should these days.

How are our sites different? It's Simple. We close a gap that we noticed other sites tend to overlook and create real interactions with real human beings. How do we do that?

It's not a secret formula, but to learn more you'll need to contact us.  WE all need the extra help that the web is offering today with different takes on web sites (and book promotions, too).

Contact Blue Feather Web Today if you are an author and have published your book and don't know what to do next for marketing and promotion.  We are a Full Service Publishing Firm!  In order to get an extremely lucrative discount with our Trusted Marketing and Promotions Partner you Must say "Sandy at Blue Feather Web sent you" in order to get the huge discounts.  Or write to us with the above marketing and promotion information that you have already tried, and we will set up an appointment for you to start marketing and promoting your book the way it should be!

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We know if authors stop writing , the world becomes less interesting. We also know if authors take too much time away from writing to promote themselves the great books that readers crave to read get delayed.

Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your books and your web site.