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Books, Web Sites  and Facebook Fan Pages for business promotion of you as an author or your business and to tie it all together, in print and digital.  We are not a printer, we ARE A DIGITAL AND PRINT PUBLISHER!  Your Web Site from dot com and shared with the world, your books from a thought, manuscript to digitally published and selling! We get your Fan Pages WORKING for you.  Making you money! We produce books in print, paperback or hardcover, and E-Books on Kindle and Nook, and then share your work with the world. ALL books are Printed in the USA Not China!   Contact us today for every step of the way.

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Blue Feather Web and Publishing offers special custom publishing packages to suit every authors wants and needs.  We have the LEAST EXPENSIVE system to get your book online quickly and selling on the web.  Usually within a WEEK!


Custom Proof Prototypes - without any Print House Set Up Fees or ISBN or UPC Procurement You SAVE $300 right off the bat and you get your proof/prototype in your hands in 20 days. Paperback or Hard Covers. 

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Small Square 7 x 7

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Standard Landscape 10 x 8

Large Landscape 13 x 11

Large Square 12 x 12

Pocket 5 x 8

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POD - Print on Demand Sales - The Absolute Green Way to go in today's publishing market.  Paperback or Hard covers!  Sold On-line at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble or on Blurb.com. We charge a flat fee for this semi traditional form of publishing.  Your title is not normally sold in stores until you have reached the 5,000 in sales mark as with ALL POD.


Straight to E-Book - We charge a flat fee per title per reader format needed that you are targeting.  We are a Nook, Kindle and I-PAD Publisher and have the formatting software and knowledge for your title.


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Inspired by Bob Lep...
By Sandra Marie Hall

What readers are saying about "Almost There!"  Reviews are pouring in..."What an interesting story! As I read, I could visualize it as a movie. Find a Movie House Please!  The real Burt Reynolds needs a a cameo in the movie. I loved reading about the pool at the Connecticut house, the Florida misadventures, the women's lib, and most of all -- the surprise ending! The book held my interest from beginning to end."


With Blue Feather Web your publishing nightmares are over.  If you have tried to publish yourself, you know the difficulties, Help is here and help is now.  We are with you in building your book, business and promotion every step of the way.   What you see above with ALMOST THERE! and Below with STREET CRIME UNIT we can do for YOU!  You owe it to yourself, to place your hard work into the capable hands of a publisher that will get the project done.  Kindly allow us to help  you!  ...






Click the Street Crime Unit title for More Information about this Florida Author!






It is Blue Feather Web and Publishing's sincere desire for you to enjoy the information, pages, places, and books that we bring you to, now and in the future.  Either for authors, writers, new businesses, your books, your store, a special project, entertainment, information or for the sheer enjoyment of surfing the web and learning about publishing.  We always hope to be a wealth of information for you at your fingertips always. 


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Blue Feather Web has been working on the web since 1996.  We are here for the long haul for you every step of the way.   We pride ourselves in Customizing your thoughts and ideas for your Books, and your Web Sites.  The world of publishing is our expertise.  We will be here for your books and web sites for years to come!.  It is our passion to help you.  With new technologies and new learning processes daily, we thirst for the best possible ways for us to help you publish your new ideas, books and web sites.  Join in.  Float on the electronic breezes with us. Glide to a Spot, Land and Stay For a While or if you wish, Float On Again. We are here to help you with YOUR dream.


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