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      EBook Formatting/Publishing Packages

So you’ve written your book and you want to publish it on the Kindle or the Apple store or the Nook.
What do you do next?  #1 purchase your ISBN Number here. http://www.isbn.org/standards/home/index.asp

1) While you are in the process of getting your ISBN and you should also get a UPC code if you are going to sell your book in print.

2) You need to format the book

3) You need to know about the back end of Amazon Kindle/IPad and how to use the sales pages as well as the other platforms (Nook. KOBO, Sony) where you could sell your book3

Yes, you can read some documents, download some software and do it yourself. But if you want to save yourself time, energy and frustration, or you just don’t fancy playing with HTML, then try one of our packages.

Need formatting of your plain text file to Kindle format so you can just upload the file on the Kindle publishing platform?

No worries.

Sandy Hall is the author, Editor and Publisher of Almost There! and Street Crime Unit by Donald BurnsYou can find her books on Blurb.com, Kindle and Amazon. She is a real author and has done all of her works, webs and books herself and for others.  She knows the importance of formatting for Kindle/Nook and iPad sales. Blue Feather Web and Publishing also completes e-book conversions with Major US Companies, as well as cover design, typesetting, editing and pagination.  The charges listed below are for Plain Text and not for Photo intense books.  Contact us for your custom conversions.

Basic Package: Plain Text up to 200 pages for Kindle or/ epub formatting US $300

Double package: Plain Text up to 200 pages Kindle AND epub formatting US $600

Mega e-book publishing package: Kindle AND e-pub formatting + E-book cover design US $900

Colorful Image Intense Publishing Package:  200+ pages per format conversion US $1200+

If you want to discuss or proceed with one of these packages, please email Sandy directly at Sandy@BlueFeatherWebDesign.com or BluFthr@aol.com

She will then take you through the process. You will need to provide

1. Your name and book title

2. The book itself in a recognized word processing document format (Word, .txt etc. or editable PDF for e-book conversion)

3. A description of the book: the back blurb. No more than 100 words, provoking description.

4. A few words to categorize your book (fiction, thriller, historical etc). No more than 12. These are for meta-tags that help categorize your book when you go to sell it.

5. Book covers: 2 color graphics files, preferably .jpg in a high resolution but most image files are acceptable OR/ if you would like a cover designed, then some ideas of what you are looking for.

6. If your book contains graphics or illustrations, you’ll need to supply each one as a separate .jpg file. Please be aware that because e-books free-flow their text according to the individual reader/e-reader software, pictures can never be positioned on an e-book page in exactly the same way as a printed page, and your book has to be repaginated for placement but you must tell us which pages you want the photos on.  We will do our very best to make it look GREAT!  Paragraphs will be formatted per specs for each reader. 

**Please note: These packages are most suitable for plain text books with a few images and no multi-media. If you have a complicated book with a lot of image formatting or multi-media requirements, videos, sound, explain to us the complexity and we will do our very best to quote you a fair price for the work that will be involved.**

You have the file, but what do you do with it?


Sandy will provide you with information on how to upload onto the Kindle/i-Pad/Nook  but you will need to read up on KDP publishing, NOOK publishing, and iPAD Publishing and formatting first.  There is a charge for consulting with Sandy for every step of the way no matter where you are in the publishing journey her fees are less than nominal.