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Have Blue Feather Web handle your auctions for you...


Have Blue Feather Web Design set up your auctions for you.  We all know that time is money and the quicker you get your auctions listed the faster the money can roll in.


You must have a PayPal Account set up already and Be Registered on EBay! Or we can do that for you.  Consult with us. We have been doing this since EbAY was only a little pixel.


PayPal is now integrated on EbAY and doing business on the web will be easier than ever before .  If you sign up for a new account with PayPal, you get $5.00 for Signing up. Click Here to get set up.  


eBay Let us Sell for You, No Computer Knowledge needed!


Send your Pictures, your descriptions and start selling price of items you want to sell to Blue Feather Web Design. If you wish, or don't have access to a digital camera or scanner,  Blue Feather Web Design & Development can take the pics for you or get stock pics of your item for sale.  We will set it up for you.  Let us know if you want an EBAY store or if this is a one time deal.


Tell us how long you want the auction to run?

Whether you wish a reserve price or not.

Your shipping costs and methods of shipping.

You collect the money in your PayPal Account and handle it from there....Ship your item to your winning bidder. Or if you wish we can mail you a check less the shipping fees and do it for you....  :)


You can Pay Blue Feather Web from  your PayPal  Account to start the listing.  It's that easy.


1. We Value your Item hourly charges apply. 

2. Figure what it will cost for shipping

3. Take photos and make your sales pitch for the item

4. Send me the info and I will set the auction for you.

5. Sell the item...  get a check mailed to you.

6.  Training  is also offered with an hourly rate to set your OWN auctions.

7.  Sell Items through my store...  the easiest way to handle single items or a bunch..

8.  Ship from me or your home...  :)


There is a One Time Charge for listing items.  Depending on the number of items you wish to sell.  Our Normal Listing fee is per item for Blue Feather Web Design to set up of your auction for you.  We charge hourly or a monthly fee if you have Blue Feather Web Design & Development manage all of your all of your auctions or if you want us to set up a store for you or sell from our store.


Just e-mail us and see if we can help you?  We know we can save you the time.

WE Also help you with CraigsList if that is the way you wish to go.  Hourly Rates Apply!

Contact me about your EBAY Items....  and Write me here for any questions...  BluFthr@aol.com 


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