SH Knite Dancer - Black Arabian Stallion

With Movie Star Blood *El Mokhtar From "The Black Stallion Returns!"











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BLUE FEATHER FARM, Ormond Beach, Florida

SH Knite Dancer AHR # 0585347

The Black Arabian Stallion of Central Florida!

Now Standing For Stud At Blue Feather Farm, Ormond Beach, FL

Breeding/Boarding Agreements Available!

Knite has 16 Exquisite Lines to Black in his pedigree and



Although Knite has limited White (which considered Sabino) it's the same as When Cass Ole' had to have his white covered in black for the movie.  Watch for him on the Beaches of Flagler County, Florida, on the Trails of Ocala National Forest, Endurance rides and at Local Shows in Central Florida!


See his Pedigree Here


Spruce Hollow Black Arabians & Pintabians  (is where SH Knite Dancer was born)  Contact Barb as she has many other beautiful Arabian personalities for sale.




Horse Transportation:

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Circle S Horse Transport they brought Knite Dancer to us on the long haul from MN to Central Florida & Knite  arrived here healthy and happy.

Contact Bill Saylor at Circle S His drivers are horse people who do this for a living and treat YOUR horse as if it were their own.


Dinner Theatre at it's best by Horse People for Horse people! Unique in the WORLD!


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WITH West Nile Disease and Encephalitis in the SouthEast,  Please Keep yourself,  your pets and your horses protected at all times...  

Please Do ALL that you can..  For Your Safety and your Horses.  Get Shots, rid property of standing water, use sprays for horses and yourself.


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Video of SH Knite Dancer's Homecoming



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Knite has had over 120 days of professional training at Ronnie Ford Training Center, in DeLand, Florida.  He is ready for anything!  See Ronnie Ford Training Center to hear more about Ronnie Ford a true "Horse Whisperer"!


  Knite is a Star! Knite is 9 already!

Knite went to his first Show! It was Equi-Fest, May 1st, 2005, held at the Spring Garden Ranch, Deleon Springs, Florida and the Winter training track of Harness Horses! A beautiful racetrack among the palms.

He was the lead horse in the "Parade of Breeds" just turning 4, which spotlighted many breeds of horses from all over the world he was first in line as the "Arabian" the Horse of the Desert.   Such a Ham Bone!

Knite At Home.


Knite is so Sensible!  What A Dream to Ride! It's those nice pasterns!  His disposition is so Kind and Sweet.  He is just such a joy to work around and as his vet says, "He is SUCH a good boy!"

He has been a pleasure to work with and a Breeze to train and he is a pleasure because of His Intellect!

Here is Black Stallion Trivia!  

A well known example of the Arabian horse as the star of The Black Stallion the 1st movie.  In this 1979 movie, the Black was portrayed by a champion Arabian stallion from Texas. Cass Ole' had white markings on his face and legs which had to be dyed for the movie and he had to wear hair extensions in his mane so that it flowed with that “wild horse” look, but he was chosen for his beauty, floating movement, and charisma. Actually two horses played the Black in this movie and in The Black Stallion Returns, in this sequel, *El Mokhtar, the Egyptian Arabian who was used in most of the racing scenes, is the movie star in Knite's bloodlines and, tragically, *El Mokhtar died  of colic before the film was completed.  This is another reason Knite's Bloodlines are rare as *El Mokhtar had few get before passing and his full brother Tahr, was brought there to California and bred in the USA.  

Knite has the bloodlines of *El Mokhtar in his veins on his sire's side.

There are many who allow their dreams to run wild, but few brave enough to follow them...

If you have a horse with 4 white legs, 
Keep him not a day; 
If you have a horse with 3 white legs, 
Send him far away; 
If you have a horse with 2 white legs, 
Sell him to a friend; 
And if you have a horse with 1 white leg, 
Keep him to his end. 

(Old English Poem)

Knite Loves Balloons! Here he is at 2 years old.  A few moments later he took one of the balloons and ran with it playing.....  he set it free and watched it fly......  it was great!

Knite's Proud Papa

SH Shadow Dancer

Knite Was his First Foal and First Colt.



SH Shadow Dancer is Now in Wisconsin.

Knite's Full Brother is in Alaska.  SH Miracle Dancer go see his video on You Tube.  Just type in is Name.  Imagine...  His Sire in Wisconsin, His Brother In Alaska and He is in Florida!  WOW it is a small world.

Trivia and Information About The BLACK Arabian!

The Elusive Black Arabian Horse... 

Currently, less than 3% of registered Arabians are Black. Of that, only a small number are stallions and of those stallions, VERY few are Homozygous Black. If you are interested in the allure of a Black Arabian, know that color lies deeper than the coat you see. 

To understand the significance of Homozygous Black, please read on: 

Horse coat color is most easily understood if you think about it as a series of building blocks. All horses, on the most basic level, are one of two pigment colors; red or black. All other colors you see, such as bay or palomino, are modified versions of these two base colors. 

Black is dominant. Red is recessive. The Black and Red pigment genes, also called the "E" Genes, are symbolized as follows; 

Black:  EE - Homozygous Black, Ee -  Heterozygous Black  (carries a red gene)

Red: ee -  Homozygous Red 

Each horse possesses one pair of "E"  genes or "basic pigment color genes".   The offspring that results from the mating of two horses inherits one basic pigment color gene from each parent.  There is a DNA-based test called the "Red Factor Test."   This test determines which genes are present. 


In a nutshell... 

A Homozygous Black (EE) can only pass on the dominant "E", black gene, while the Heterozygous Black (Ee) is able to pass on either the dominant black gene "E" or the recessive red gene "e".   A horse must inherit the recessive "e" gene from each parent to be red. 

Thus, it is genetically impossible for a Homozygous Black to produce a red foal since there is no recessive red "e" gene to pass on.

NOW...  He is...The Black Stallion of Central Florida!

Knite at 1 year.  Blue Feather Farm in Florida. Photo taken on his 1st birthday. 04/17/02


Knite at 22 Months!

Knite is OUR dream and he can be part of yours too!  Knite is NOT for sale but breedings to him are.  Book Now! 

See Knite's Ancestors and Heritage Here 

Blue Feather Farm is offering, Breeding  - to an All American/Egyptian Black Arabian Stallion  with Movie Star Blood all horses are Trained in the Natural Way.  

Join us in our excitement and celebration of 


click the photo above to learn about Arabian Color Genetics then use your back button to come on back to this site.

  • Boarding:  We have room only for one more,  but Personal Care and Treatment Given.  Total Care.  12 x 12 Screened Mosquito Free Stalls.  Lighted Round Pen in an Equestrian Community.  Includes Miles of Trails and Wide Dirt Roads to ride on.   Blue Feather Farm is the Ultimate Bed and Bale for your horse.  :) Full Specialized Care Boarding Fees: $300+/Month.
  • Training:  All horses on Blue Feather Farm are handled in the Horse Whisperer Way!  Always with love and understanding.  Utilizing The Parelli Savvy System for method of training and consultations with Ronnie Ford Training Center.  Board at Blue Feather Farm with Training Fees:  $650/Month.
  • Breeding:  Knite is 14:3+ hands tall .  We are ready to  start his breeding program.   He has had 7 month of Professional Training with Ronnie Ford Training Center in Deland, Florida, please see his site at  Knite Lunges, bathes, clips, stands for the farrier, leads, turns.  He has been saddled english and western, bridled and ridden and he loves the attention and enjoys the challenge.   He has been ridden western pleasure, English Hunt Seat and Dressage.  Knite knows that a rider "Belongs" on his back.  He is a sweet, gentle stallion with just enough Arabian oomph in personality.  He is voice commanded also.  Knite is the perfect mix for breeding to Quarter Horse mares for a Quarab, to a Paint Mare to bring a darker color,  to a Grey Mare for deepening dapples, Pintabians for black and white pintos, and if he were bred to a Palomino Mare you would most likely attain  a buckskin foal.   If you are wishing to bring a darker color to your herd or if you are breeding for straight BLACK, you will get it.  and of course, Arabian Refinement for full arabian or for a quality half arabian offspring.  A great cross for Sport Horses!
  • Knite has 24 crosses to Black in his Arabian heritage.  And 16 direct lines to black.  He has Crabbet, McCoy, Kellogg, Babson and Selby breeding.  He also has Straight Egyptian through his Sire's Line.  VO Raffonegro and Caligastro, and the movie star *El Mokhtar.  He is an All American Bred Arabian and is  the best of ALL Arabian Horse strains.  
  • Knite has a mane and tail that is thick and long and flowing. His tail also has a very rare silver effect, like a lite frosting.  This silvery effect is from his sabino lines.  Sabino means color and white in the Arabian world.  His mane is just fabulous and flowing with natural waves and he holds his tail so proudly and curled over his back!  He carries his tail as a flag so very proud.
  • We have traced his lineage back to the desert.  He is the spitting image of his Sire father, SH Shadow Dancer and his Grand Sire, BHR Hosan's Prince.  His disposition is kind and sweet.  He is not fearful.  His build and coloring resembles that of his movie star Great Grand Sire, *El Mokhtar.  He also resembles the His Great Grand Sire Raffon - a Black Bay Stallion (Raffles Breeding Skowronek x Rifala) and Gazon - Dark Bay Stallion  (Ferzon x Scheraff)  Click here for His Pedigree!   
  • Coming soon!  Video's of Knite in Movement, Knite at 6 Months old In Minnesota.  Also see Knite's Homecoming Video!  Created by Blue Feather Web Design & Development  DSL Connection is  Required.  Click Here!
  • Stud Fees:   Booking Fee is $100.  Booking Fee is Non-Refundable there is a  signed agreement.
  • Knite will be certified for the Black Color Gene, tested for SCIDS and he will also be tested for  potency and mobility for the A.I.  process.   We will, in the future be offering chilled or frozen (if testing goes well) shipped semen.  So any distance will not be a problem.
  • His parents have been DNA blood typed and are on permanent file with the The Arabian Horse Registry of America.
  • Rates for Breedings are as follows:  
    • AHR Registered Mares: $600 Live Cover Only
    • Reg. Half Arabian Mares $500  Live Cover Only
    • Other Non-Arab Reg.  Mares $400 Live Cover Only
    • Special discounts available for 4-H or Children's Groups
    • Multiple discounts are available. Mare Care with Breeding Fees:  $900 1st Month $300 per month after.
  • Artificial Insemination, Live, Chilled or Frozen (if testing concurs), it's your choice.
  • Collection/Shipping Fees are in addition to the Stud Fees and/or mare care.
  • Mare's must get a clean bill of health with negative cultures, negative for SCIDS,  negative Coggins test  and a clean bill of health (certificate) from your veterinarian before we will stand Knite to your mare.  
  • If you have any questions, please E-mail Blue Feather Farm
  • NEWS FLASH!  In our wish to perpetuate the pedigree lines of *El Mokhtar, or Tahr, or any of *El Mokhtar's get, if you Own a mare or filly or know of a mare or filly that contains any of "El Mokhtar lines",  please, please, please contact us as soon as possible.  Whether you wish to sell or lease her, please contact us.  Send a pedigree and photo along please and where you are located and how we may contact you.

So go ahead and add a little real... "Black Stallion" to YOUR breeding program.  

Waiting for Class to Start! at the age of one :)

  • Contact:  Blue Feather Farm 
  • Your business is ALWAYS appreciated at Blue Feather Farm.  We are also a web design and development firm.  Have your new site created or upgraded today!  We are also a publishing company promote your own stallion, farm or  horses for sale with HorsECarDs with Video's of anything horsey

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Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace: Pursuing Relationship with God, Horses, and One Another

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