Nationwide Abandoned Asset Searches

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Nationwide Abandoned Asset Searches

Have you forgotten about money that you have left behind or deposited?  Please note, that this is NOT an Estate Search.  You will need an attorney for this type of Search.

Do you want to get YOUR FUNDS back? 

Blue Feather is here to help you in a nationwide hunt for YOUR FUNDS.

Search the nation's state treasury's to locate any funds you may have left behind or forgotten about.  It may be a large sum or it may be a small sum but it IS YOURS.  It could also be property.  This is the same search you have seen on TV on the Oprah Show.  Do the search for FREE!


Simply gather information ... current names, maiden names, present addresses and past addresses including states in which you have lived.

List any or all of the states in which you have resided in the past. 

Search any and all of the state treasury's where you or a loved one has resided.  If you find money or assets just follow the instructions to reclaim it.  It's that simple. 

All you have to do is ask and give pertinent information.

Your search is the Treasuries command.

You may also see to cover all the bases!


If you need further assistance in obtaining your unclaimed property, contact Blue Feather Asset Searches and we will help.  There is a small fee for initializing each actual claim to cover administrative costs, supplies and postage and a small percentage thereafter of  any found funds.


Please Note This is Very Important: We do not conduct Estate Asset Searches.  i.e. search for funds and/or property of loved ones who have passed away.  You must contact an attorney in the state and county in which your loved one passed away for that information.


Remember you will need the information help you retrieve YOUR funds.

Current Name and Address

E-Mail Address

Maiden Names 

Past Addresses, any State

Sorry no International requests!

Current Phone Number if you wish!

That's all that's needed to do a free search.



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